Almost Useless Other Characters


      Lae'ri Bel'vaz
Age: 36 (Deceased) || Height: 5'5"
History: Although Lae'ri was stern in her way of loving Will, she was constantly protective and doting on him. She was a loyal and kind woman to her husband, Adell. It was her idea and plan to raise Will to become King by the time he was 25. Because of her efforts, Will spent his entire life sheltered from people his own age - growing up to have no sense of friends, relationships, and like all nobles, romantic love. In death, she reflects on her actions while alive, but does not regret her choice in raising Will.


      James "Jim" Ali Corian
Age: 40 || Height: 5' 10"

History: Lien's father, Corian has spent much of his life as a knight, working to become a colonel in service to the King. He's responsible for raising his son to be a knight, like himself, and is the reason why Lien ran away from home. He feels guilty for being unable to protect his son from his wife when she went insane during his son's childhood.


Age: 300+ || Height: 5'
History: Goddess of thieves and stealing, she was a great asset to Phyte in putting her in a Bind. She's hardly tortured by him since her skills keep her behaving, however she was working with Crow to find a way to break the Seal.


Age: 40+? || Height: 5'4"
History: She left the Threshold after meeting Adell and Rhys through their past when they were constructing the Leinzlia kingdom. Due to being past friends with them, she gladly took up being a maid serving Adell. At Rhys' request, she's kept an eye on Will since he was born.


      "Dove" Melody
Age: 40+? || Height: 5'6"
History: Sister to Irene, Melody likes to act dumb in order to get things in life. Upon finding Phyte's shop, Nocturne, she tried to steal a grimoire that'd teach her spells that required speech - such as something Sirens use to lure sailors to the deaths. Obviously, she was caught, and put into a Bind with Phyte. She has little interest in breaking the Seal on her, and looks at it as getting a free pass to live comfortably in the Threshold.


      Noire Djradas
Age: 27 || Height: 5' 4"

History: Owner of the lyre Eucles, Noire left it behind in a ruined city in the far south of the Djradas' territory in the south of Apulei. Believed to have died in LX0.53, he hasn't been seen since. Recently appearing again, he is acting as both an ambassador and outside man for the Vrans Kingdom. It is unknown what he is after, but it likely has to do with the gods and the sealed castle, Gardenia.


      Arluin Renavd
Age: 26 || Height: 5'8"
History: Not much is known about Arluin. He likes to keep his tragic past of being an orphan quiet. Upon meeting Will by chance one time while helping a merchant (his employer at the time) deliver some food at the Bel'vaz Estate, he became so enamored with him, that Arluin immediately applied to be a servant in the household. Shortly thereafter, the tragic events of Will's mother passing away and his father forgetting him occurred, leaving Will as a servant himself. Unable to spend much time with Will, Arluin was content to just watch him from the shadows. Now that Will is back to being a member of the nobility, Arluin is determined to continue to serve him, but the mixing of nobles and servants is one that makes him hesitant about confessing his love to Will.


Age: 3200+ || Height: 5' 11"

History: While she lives in a palace on Vergelmir and watches over the people of Glados. She enters into a Pact with those she recognizes as worthy heirs to the throne of the two kingdoms on the continent so that peace may be maintained for as long as possible. As one of the oldest gods, older than Matéas, she is on the council, and as such, is extremely interested in both Will's actions, and Noire's.