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Will Bel'vaz
Age: 22 || Height: 5'3"

History: Four years ago his father, the Grand Duke, came home with a mysterious case of amnesia, causing Will to be disowned (in short) and forced to become a servant in his own home. He rarely smiles. He's a shy young man just 'surviving'; he's forgotten how to 'live'.




Age: 24 || Height: 5'6" ||

History: Five years ago he made the mistake of trying to steal from the god of memories, and as punishment has been sentenced to work in the god's shop on the Threshold. Has Achromatopsia in his older form because of his golden eyes. He has a real name.




Age: 3088 || Height: 5' 11"

History: One of the oldest gods, Matéas has seen a lot change in the world. Because of this, he thinks it's immoral for Phyte to mess with human's memories; so he put a Blessing on Will to keep the boy safe from Phyte's willy-nilly antics.




Neo Phyte
Age: 1016 || Height: 5' 1"

History: A younger one of the gods, Phyte was responsible for erasing all of the memories of humans after the war. Even though it was an order from the Council, Matéas still took issue when Phyte began to experiment removing human's memories with and without consent. He makes use of Binds to trap souls into locating lost memories to be returned to his storehouse deep within his store on the Threshold: Nocturne.




Akiio "Raven" Soranichi
Age: 17 || Height: 5' 4"

History: He was raised in a controlled environment his entire life; and was raised to be an assassin. He has a sick humor, but really is a sweetie. Although not dead, he's in a Bind with Phyte; he's become very close to Isaac over the years. No one's really sure why he left Black and went into the Threshold.




Orion "Isaac"
Age: 23 || Height: 5'

History: Though he grew up as a hunter, he has been flung into the modern world and is amazed by everything (namely cakes, especially cupcakes). He was considered a bad omen for his village, and was raped and beaten during life; committed suicide. Dogs love him, pulling away from their owners to sniff and be pet by him. He's very close to Akiio.




Adell Franc Bel'vaz
Age: 42 || Height: 5' 8"

History: Childhood friend of Rhys, Adell worked with him to establish the kingdom of Leinzlia after leaving their small farm. He married Lae'ri and had Will early in life; unable to cope with her recent death, he went to Phyte to have his memories of her removed. After, he met and married Mia, leading to a quick birth of his second son, Alexander.




Rhys Ku Pom'velan
Age: 39 || Height: 5' 5"

History: Childhood friend of Adell; it was his idea to leave the farm and establish the Kingdom around empty farmlands that none of the nearby kingdoms wanted. He supports Will in any choice he wants to do with his life as his godfather. He takes maintaining his kingdom very seriously and has been too busy establishing it to have any chance at meeting someone who might become his wife.




Alexander Light Bel'vaz
Age: 4 || Height: 32"

History: Son of Adell and Mia; he's Will's younger half-brother.
He's quiet-spoken, but enjoys talking to Will and hanging out around him. He doesn't understand why his mother doesn't like him hanging around Will, but he's best behaved around Will. While he'll stick to his studies if Will asks him to, he rather run around looking for someone to play with him.