Steffi Thomas is an author that has focused primarily on writing novels and novellas with homosexual males as her main characters since 2006. A large portion of her stories began their way as methods to get out of writer's block, and were posted on her deviantART accounts: NostalgicElle and NostalgicRoxas.

     One of the first things Thomas strove to write was a fanfiction of Yu-Gi-Oh! entitled Pharaoh's Tale. Back then, she hosted all of the writing on a website, instead of anywhere else on the internet. As time went on, she realized she could devote time and energy to creating her own world and original stories- as the plot in the fanfic was starting demand so much. Upon attending The Evergreen State College, Thomas studied in depth character and plot, allowing her to analyzing the mote of a soul.

     In late September of 2011, work began on the idea for a new world that would encompass a creative idea of how life and death cycled between each other. This became the groundwork that would within a few weeks give rise to Nearly There Nicely's cycle of life and death, and how the gods played with the human soul.

     Initially, the tale began as a comic and ended up being scrapped for the writing the story as a novel. In this creative outlet, Thomas would be able to paint the imagery of her world immediately without getting hung up on anatomy, flow of panels, or learning an entire new language- how a comic works. In 2013, the word count surpassed 100k, and Thomas realized this story (meant to be read as a single novel), might just end up being a monster- far larger than Pharaoh's Tale was planned to be.


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